The Stand

Author: Stephen King

This book was a self purchase, i have recently been drawn back into the world of Stephen King and this book did not disappoint.

Apocalyptic America, a man made plague has wiped out over 90% of the population.  The story follows the survivors in their attempt to rebuild life in the aftermath.

I found the story gripping from the start.  The characters are easy to engage with and draw emotions from sympathy to horror.  My personal favourite was Stu Redman, I found his character strong and unrelenting; yet there was a quiet innocence about him.  The story jumps between the two main groups which gave the ability for many in chapter cliffhangers.  The story is tense, sad, empowering and at times funny, with the ever present current of suspense and mystery underpinning the story. 

Personally i was a little disappointed with the ending and felt that they author could have taken it in much more satisfying direction, however the ending did ring true and tie in the story as a whole. 

Overall the story was brilliant, i would say it is definitely worth a read although at almost 1400 pages it is not for the faint hearted.  Best suited to those who enjoy suspense thrillers with a slight futurist feel.    


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