The dead zone

Author: Stephen King

This book was a kindle purchase, after reading The stand by Stephen King i have embarked on a mini mission to read all I can from the author.

This is the story of Johnny Smith a Maine teacher who tragically has an accident which results in him being in a coma for over four years.  He miraculously wakes from the coma and experiences precognition.

The story is one of dramatic changes that set off a series of events that appear to be lead by fate or destiny.  There is an undercurrent of a true love story, which was never meant to be.  Themes running throughout the story are of lost love, longing, overcoming.

The main character is easy to connect with, I found myself willing him to get the girl and live happily ever after.  The characterization of Johnny drew forth feelings of sympathy and concern, drawing me deeper into the story.

Overall the story line is driven by the feeling of uncontrollable fate and captures you from the beginning.  Although I personally found the ending was lacking at lot of the raw emotion and drive that the story started with, however I would say that it is worth a read especially for supernatural thriller fans.  But don’t expect too much from the final section of the book.


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