A Beer in the Loire

Author: Tommy Barnes

Screenshot (16).png

I purchased this book after spying it on a top 100 new released books to read magazine.

This is a true account of the authors move from England to the Loire in France.  Throughout the book we follow Tommy and his ever growing family through their new adventure.  Tommy leaves the ray race behind to pursue his venture managing a microbrewery.

The story provides a very honest account of their life in France, with many comical antidotes of croissant addictions and antics with the dog Burt.  While navigating the bureaucratic system of France, raising their first child and building a business we are invited along to experience the ups and downs of their life.

As a character (or should i say person) Tommy is funny, likable, immature, a dreamer and very easy to relate to.  Tommy’s relationship with their dog Burt had me crying with laughter throughout.  The detailed descriptions and comradery of the characters draws you into their life and leaves you feeling as if your also along for the ride.

Overall the book was well written and a welcome distraction from the mundane rituals of life.  I found myself laughing and crying with Tommy and willing him to success.  This would be a great read for anyone, grab a coffee and curl up by the fire and devour this fantastic story of one families emigration from fast paced London to the relaxing countryside in the Loire.


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