A Beer in the Loire

Author: Tommy Barnes

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I purchased this book after spying it on a top 100 new released books to read magazine.

This is a true account of the authors move from England to the Loire in France.  Throughout the book we follow Tommy and his ever growing family through their new adventure.  Tommy leaves the ray race behind to pursue his venture managing a microbrewery.

The story provides a very honest account of their life in France, with many comical antidotes of croissant addictions and antics with the dog Burt.  While navigating the bureaucratic system of France, raising their first child and building a business we are invited along to experience the ups and downs of their life.

As a character (or should i say person) Tommy is funny, likable, immature, a dreamer and very easy to relate to.  Tommy’s relationship with their dog Burt had me crying with laughter throughout.  The detailed descriptions and comradery of the characters draws you into their life and leaves you feeling as if your also along for the ride.

Overall the book was well written and a welcome distraction from the mundane rituals of life.  I found myself laughing and crying with Tommy and willing him to success.  This would be a great read for anyone, grab a coffee and curl up by the fire and devour this fantastic story of one families emigration from fast paced London to the relaxing countryside in the Loire.


The dead zone

Author: Stephen King

This book was a kindle purchase, after reading The stand by Stephen King i have embarked on a mini mission to read all I can from the author.

This is the story of Johnny Smith a Maine teacher who tragically has an accident which results in him being in a coma for over four years.  He miraculously wakes from the coma and experiences precognition.

The story is one of dramatic changes that set off a series of events that appear to be lead by fate or destiny.  There is an undercurrent of a true love story, which was never meant to be.  Themes running throughout the story are of lost love, longing, overcoming.

The main character is easy to connect with, I found myself willing him to get the girl and live happily ever after.  The characterization of Johnny drew forth feelings of sympathy and concern, drawing me deeper into the story.

Overall the story line is driven by the feeling of uncontrollable fate and captures you from the beginning.  Although I personally found the ending was lacking at lot of the raw emotion and drive that the story started with, however I would say that it is worth a read especially for supernatural thriller fans.  But don’t expect too much from the final section of the book.

Eat, pray, love made me do it

Introduced by: Elizabeth Gilbert

From the author Elizabeth Gilbert who brought us Eat, pray, love this book is a collection of stories from people who read Eat, pray, love and were inspired by Elizabeth’s story of self discovery.

This was a self bought book, after reading Eat, pray, love i was curious to see how individuals had read of one woman’s journey to self discovery and used the emotions they felt to set off on their own life journey.  The stories range from funny to emotional and inspiring.  I had a few particular stories i engaged with the most such as Take a breath by Rebecca Asher and There you are by Jan Haag.

A great read for anyone who enjoys true life tales of overcoming and rising up from rock bottom to discover yourself.

The unlikely pilgrimage of Harold Fry

Author: Rachel Joyce

This was a self-bought book on a recommendation by a friend.  

The book tells a funny, charming and very engaging story about pensioner Harold Fry who one day sets off to post a letter and ends up embarking upon a 627 mile walk from Kingsbridge to Berwick.

As a character Harold is timid and sweet yet strong and very tolerant of others.  Harold is really easy to connect with and associate to in many ways.  The story is one of self discovery, forgiveness, change and love.  Upon opening the book we are welcomed into Harold’s world and join him on his journey where we witness how he overcomes life’s hardships, helps others and rediscovers life.  The story ends well with a great plot twist i was not expecting, which produces a great understanding of the story as a whole.

The book is worth a read, its an easy going light book and would suit most readers.

About me!

Hello, I’m mum to 3 beautiful monsters and share life with the amazing Luke.  We live in rural Scotland with 6 hens, 3 dogs, 3 cats and a hamster.  My love of books started at aged 8 when my nana would read Virginia Andrews flowers in the attic with me, and hasn’t waned since.  On average i devour 4 books per month, and read anything i can get my hand on.  I will aim to post one review per week to the blog.  I have a BA(hons) in Classical studies and I am currently studying for my BA(hons) in English Literature and creative writing.  I encourage comments, feedback and input from those of you who take the time to read my ramblings.  

I would be happy to review requested books and requests from authors or potential authors are very welcome.

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The Stand

Author: Stephen King

This book was a self purchase, i have recently been drawn back into the world of Stephen King and this book did not disappoint.

Apocalyptic America, a man made plague has wiped out over 90% of the population.  The story follows the survivors in their attempt to rebuild life in the aftermath.

I found the story gripping from the start.  The characters are easy to engage with and draw emotions from sympathy to horror.  My personal favourite was Stu Redman, I found his character strong and unrelenting; yet there was a quiet innocence about him.  The story jumps between the two main groups which gave the ability for many in chapter cliffhangers.  The story is tense, sad, empowering and at times funny, with the ever present current of suspense and mystery underpinning the story. 

Personally i was a little disappointed with the ending and felt that they author could have taken it in much more satisfying direction, however the ending did ring true and tie in the story as a whole. 

Overall the story was brilliant, i would say it is definitely worth a read although at almost 1400 pages it is not for the faint hearted.  Best suited to those who enjoy suspense thrillers with a slight futurist feel.